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    About Us - The Machin Family

    Growing up in a small town, I know how important it is to support your local community. I was born and raised in Elora and have lived here for the majority of my life. My wife and I wanted to find a way to bring local small businesses and farmers closer to the community. Upon discussion and research, we came across the marketplace of Mrs. Grocery whose concept aligned with our vision.

    Our mission in bringing Mrs. Grocery to the community is to create a quality driven food and product supply that focuses on making shopping local as convenient as possible by increasing the collaboration between small businesses and local farmers on our same day order fulfillment network.

    Elora is still where I call home. My wife has been a high school teacher in the community for the past 14 years. We have two beautiful children. Our son has already started to become quite the gardener himself as he helps us plant all the fruit and vegetable seeds each year in our garden. All of us are sports lovers. My wife has been a synchronized skater since the age of eight. I have played hockey since I was three and still play recreationally to this day. As a family we enjoy almost all sports and staying active. With skating in both of our children’s genes we spend a lot of time on the ice in the winter. Aside from sports, we enjoy camping and spending time with family and friends.

    We are privileged to have so many great options with local growers and businesses that provide a wonderful selection of locally grown produce and homemade product. It is important that our community continues to support our local merchants and help sustain vendor growth in our own backyard. We love our community and want to see the local businesses and farmers succeed.

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