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    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Basket # 6 "The Flavor Buster"
    This basket is sure to please, and is bursting with fresh local food! This is an ideal gift for a family! Basket includes: Barrie's Asparagus Chips, chocolate truffles, Martin's apple chips, Phlippen's smoked sauce, Wellesley sparkling cranberry/apple cider, beer nuts, Turkish delight, Cafe's Own ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: "Sweet, Sour and Salty" #2
    This basket is giving you a hint of sweet, sour and salty! These local products are great for any gift giving! This basket includes: Picard's Peanuts, Local Maple Syrup, Local Preserves, Old Fashioned Fudge, Tea, and Maple Sugar Candy. ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Basket #3 "Preserves N' Such"
    This basket is a delight of Local Food for any small family. Includes: Local Preserves...Jams, Pickles, Our Own Homemade Ketchup and more! Buy Local...Support Local!..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Basket #4 "Delicacy Delights"
    This basket is bursting with local flavors and is sure to please any family! Gift giving is made easy! ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Basket #5 " Just for You"
    This basket is ideal for the person living alone, or for a couple. Personal, sweet and enticing, this makes a great gift. Includes: 250 ml Local Strawberry Syrup, 100g. Distinctly Tea, 125 ml Homemade Peach Jam, 71 g. Baden Coffee, and Chocolate Truffles. ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Charcuterie Board #1 "Local Handcrafted Delights"
    Our Charcuterie Boards are filled with local food, and are a palate pleaser to any recipient! The boards are made local, and are hand crafted by the father of one of our staff! Filled with our own local specialties...this board is sure to please! ..
    Vendor: Fraberts Fresh Food Model: Fraberts Gift Card
    Available in $5 & $10 gift cards...
    Model: Gift Certificate - Elmira Wagon Tours
    Gift Certificates for Elmira Wagon Tours are a Great Gift Family and Friends! Available is the denomination of your choice. Browse the Ticket Prices below for the most suitable amount for the person you are gifting it to Country Tours at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market! We drive the country back r..
    Goodie basket (medium birch)
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Cheese basket (medium birch)
    A basket of goodies! Give your family, neighbors, or staff the gift of love this season! This birch basket is bursting with Homemade Pickles, Salsa, Jam, and Chocolate. When ordered it may not be exactly as shown, unless specified. A perfect gift for your loved ones!..
    Vendor: Jewels Under The Kilt Model: Jewels Under The Kilt - Gift Box
    Jewels Under The Kilt Gift Box includes your choice of 3 packages of nuts. Great snack for any type of gathering. Pick any 3 flavours for only $25.00!..
    Vendor: Macadi Jewellery Model: Macadi Jewellery Gift Card
    Macadi Jewellery Gift Card.  Available in $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250 & $500...
    Vendor: Macadi Jewellery Model: Monarch Earrings
    Large Monarch Earrings.Sterling Silver.  ..
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