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    Pies & Tarts

    This store does not accept new orders right now:
    Thanks for thinking of us! We are seasonal and will re-open mid September, 2022. Thanks!
    Model: Apple Crisp
     8in x 6in pan.  Homemade apple crisp by Strom's Farm & Bakery...
    Model: Chocolate Pecan Pie
    9inch, deep pan.  Homemade chocolate pecan pie by Strom's Farm & Bakery...
    Model: Harvest Apple Pie
    9inch, deep pan. Homemade harvest apple pie from Strom's Farm & Bakery...
    Model: Pumpkin Pie
    9inch, deep pan. Homemade pumpkin pie by Strom's Farm & Bakery...
    Model: Strom's Homemade Tarts - 6 Pack
    Homemade tarts from Strom's Farm & Bakery. 6 tarts per package. Mix and Match from the following flavours:Butter TartPecan TartChocolate Pecan TartRaisin TartHaskap TartCoconut Raspberry Tart..
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