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    Our Philosophy

    On our family farm we believe that supporting local farms is an integral component of sustaining small, family operated businesses. By supporting local farmers today, you can help to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Buying locally grown produce and meat products guarantees the customer fresher, tastier and more nutritious products. By cutting out travel time for food which diminishes quality and by reducing pollution and decreasing transport distances, you are ensuring fresher products for your family and helping to preserve the environment.

    Dana, Adam, Sophie, William and Thomas Thatcher

    The Thatcher Family Farm is definitely a family run business. The Thatcher Family have opened up their farm to the public to promote and offer local, sustainable products from their farm. Adam, a University of Guelph graduate in agriculture has farmed his whole life. Dana, a school teacher, has left the education field to run and establish the Farm Market, Butcher and Bakery.

    Together with their three children they raise beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. Sophie, William and Thomas are farmers who work hard doing the chores and caring for the animals alongside their parents. When not farming (which is a rare occurrence), the family enjoys campfires down by the stream in their back field and eating together daily, as a family. Growing and eating food is at the heart of the Thatcher Farms’ family business.

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