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    Baguettes & Loaves

    Asiago Cracked Pepper Bread
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Asiago Cracked Pepper Bread
    With a crisp outer crust, and light peppery taste, who can resist this artisan bread made with simple, natural ingredients?  Comes unsliced.450g...
    Hot Pre-Order
    Vendor: Elora Bread Trading Co. Model: Baguette
    Our Baguette is baking and delivered Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  When pre-ordering please place your order 2 days before delivery. -- Freshly Baked & Available for Delivery Thursday to Saturday.Elora Bread is a small-batch artisan bakery that focuses on traditional-meth..
    Cheese Sticks - 6/pkg
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Cheese Sticks - 6/pkg
    Loaded with fresh Ontario cheddar cheese inside the dough, and crispy cheese baked on the outside.$5.04/pkg.6 pcs/pkg. 180g...
    Vendor: University Square Model: Vienna Stick
    Freshly baked Vienna Stick from University Square Bakery & Deli.  ..
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