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    Barbeque Box - Stemmlers
    Model: Barbeque Box - Stemmlers
    All you need for a summer full of delicious barbeques! The Stemmler's Barbeque Box includes 2 x 30 Beef Roadhaus Burgers - 6oz or upgrade to 2 x 30 Sirloin Beef Burgers or slect one of each 2 x 40 Smoked Sausage - Choose 2 flavors Honey Garlic Smoked Sausage, Ball Park Smoked Sausage, C..
    Brunch Box
    New Pre-Order
    Model: Brunch Box
    2 quiche (5”), 2 bagels with cream cheese, 2 yogurt & granola cups, charcuterie, Elora tea, and a surprise gift from Hereward Lavender Farm...
    Model: Mother's Day Homestyle Breakfast Boxes
    A Hearty Breakfast Box right from our kitchen! The box includes: 1 lb. Old Fashioned Breakfast Bacon, 1 dozen Local Eggs, 1 loaf Homemade White Bread, 1 x 250 ml. Raspberry Apple Jelly, 1/2 lb. Fresh Cut Medium Cheddar, 1 package (6) Homemade Caramel Cinnamon Buns, 1 bottle Homemade Ketchup, and 1..
    Vendor: Harley Farms Model: Freezer Order #1 - Grass- Fed - Economy Pack
    Grass Fed Economy Freezer Pack This basic Freezer pack gives you all the essentials Contains: 6 packs of High Welfare Grass- fed Ground Beef (approx 6 lbs total) 3 - 2 packs High Welfare Pasture Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (6 Chicken breasts total) 1 - packs High Welfare Grass-fed Bac..
    Vendor: Harley Farms Model: Freezer Order #2 -Grass-Fed -Family of 2
    Grass- Fed Meat Box #2 is perfect for a Family of 2. Contains: 1 -High Welfare Beef Roast (approx 2-3 lbs) 2 - High Welfare Strip loin Steaks (approx 1 lb each) 4 - lbs High Welfare Ground Beef 1 - High Welfare Chicken (approx 5-6 lbs) 4 -High Welfare Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 4 - High Wel..
    Vendor: Harley Farms Model: Freezer Order #3 - Grass-Fed - Family of 4
    Grass Fed Freezer Order #3 is Perfect for Your Family of 4! Stock up your Freezer with ease! Contains: 1 - High Welfare Beef Roast (approx 2-3 lbs) 4- High Welfare Striploin Steaks Steaks (approx 1 lb each) 8 - High Welfare Ground Beef (approx 1 lb per pack) 1 - High Welfare Chicken (approx 5-6 lb..
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Pork Schnitzel (5lb Box)
    A real treat! Our popular pork schnitzel is juicy and full of flavour. It has been carefully tenderized and delicately breaded for a crisp coating. Available in 5lb bulk boxes, our Pork Schnitzel will be your new family favourite!..
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