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    Vendor: Furtado Farms Cookwood Model: BBQ Wood Pellets
    Available Flavours:Peach | Oak | Sugar Maple | Hickory | Cherry | Apple Bags are approx. 30 lbs. Canada has some of the world’s highest quality hardwood trees, why not turn them into BBQ pellets? …… Well, we did!Finally Canada has a brand of wood pellets to call their o..
    Vendor: The Poultry Place Model: Beer Can Chicken Cooker Set
    Village Gourmet Beer Can Chicken Cooker Set. $15.99/EA...
    Model: Beeswax Food Wraps - 3 pk
    Environmentally friendly beeswax wraps. Assorted 3 pack that includes 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large.There wraps are a great eco-friendly, re-usable alternative to saran wrap and ziploc bags!Best used for things like cheese, nuts, fruits and veggies on the go.Also great for wrapping up leftovers in..
    Model: Beeswax Lotion Bar
    Eco-friendly beeswax lotion barWhat is it?⦁ All handmade, natural, local ingredients made into a beeswax lotion bar.⦁ Environmentally friendly, ditch the plastic!⦁ The local cocoa butter in the bar gives it a little scent of chocolate, to soothe the senses.⦁ Sustainable alternative!How to use:Pick u..
    Vendor: Thatcher Farms Model: Cedar BBQ Scrapers
    All natural BBQ scraper.  Made from cedar...
    Vendor: Furtado Farms Cookwood Model: Cookwood Chips
    Available Flavours:Cherry | Apple | Sugar Maple | Hickory | Peach | Oak Bags are approx. 725g Our wood chips are the perfect product to compliment any BBQ on the market.Propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood fired – our Cookwood chips enhance and add amazing flavour to anything your ..
    Vendor: Furtado Farms Cookwood Model: Cookwood Chunk
    Available Flavours:Cherry | Apple | Sugar Maple | Hickory | Peach | Oak Bags are approx. 6Kg All of our cookwood chunks are hand selected, cut, and packaged with care to send out only the highest quality product in every bag.Chunk wood is all naturally seasoned in the wood yard. We aim for..
    Vendor: Furtado Farms Cookwood Model: Cookwood Logs
    Available Flavours: Hickory, Sugar Maple, Wild Cherry and Oak. Bundles are .75 cuft or approx. 10kg Our Cookwood Logs are seasons one year at a minimum in the great outdoors. They’re cut into 12″ lengths and split into a diameter of approximately 2″-4″ to fit most s..
    Vendor: Thatcher Farms Model: Draft Glasses
    A draft glass with Thatcher Farms logo...
    Model: Environmental Kit
    Environmental kit includes:One 3 pack of food wraps3 stainless steel reusable straws1 reusable straw cleaner1 reusable snack drawstring bag1 canvas reusable tote bag with the words “this won’t end up in the ocean” with a sea turtle hand pressed  ..
    Model: Essential Oil Kit
    HEALTH KIT EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - This is a set of all of the roll ons in one! Five (5) 10ml essential oils has been carefully selected as the perfect oils set. It also comes in a reusable drawstring bag with a rainbow on it, can it get any more fun?It includes one of each: Calm, Happy, Migraine, Di..
    Model: Essential Oil Roll On
    Available in:Dizzy roll onHappy roll onCalm roll onUplift roll onMigraine roll onVolume: 10 MillilitresDescription..
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