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    Model: "C" the Difference Serum
    All Skin Types / Especially Dehydrated / Mature Vitamin rich intensive facial oil. Belnd of exotic essential oils that promote a radiant supple complexion. Excellent choice for broken capiliaries/redness...
    Model: Ageless Beauty Eye Serum
    All Skin Types / Especially Mature Peptide serum targets chronological aging around the eye area. Daily use hydrates the delicate skin in the eye zone...
    Vendor: The Scented Bohemian Model: BAKUCHIOL DAY SERUM 30 ML
    Bakuchiol is derived from the Ayurvedic Babchi plant and is hailed as a natural, gentle alternative to retinol.   It boasts the same anti-aging, acne-fighting benefits as retinol, is anti-inflammatory and won't irritate sensitive skin.   The vitamin A-derivative is proven to ..
    Model: Banishing Cream
    Oily/Combination/Hyperpigmented/Sensitive/Acneic Clarifying Cream offers a complex blend of natural source skin conditioners. Hydration enhanced but delivers a matte finish...
    Model: Barrier Builder
    Sensitive / Dry / Environmentally Stressed Formulated to make your skin younger and radiant. Protects against environmental stressors that cause dehydration and dryness...
    Model: Beauty Infused Q10
    All Skin Types /Dry / Sensitive Silky, hydrator leaves skin soft, smooth and supple without greasy residue. Q-10 is one of the powerful nutrients to support healthy vibrant skin for most skin types...
    Model: Berry Balance Toner
    All Skin Types Alcohol-Free bursting with antioxidants to combat free-radicals. HIghly refreshing...
    Model: Calm Complex Serum
    Calm Complex Serum C$112.99Price Ultra Sensitive/Dry/Redness - Calming, nourishing serum with a cooling effect. Restores well being to the skin, calms redness...
    Model: CC Cream
    All Skin Types Enriched with pure Citrus OIls and Botanicals to prevent skin from over drying. Soothing without leaving greasy feeling. Fresh, clean scent...
    Model: Citrus Tea Cleansing Cream
    Oily / Combination Skin Gentle clarifying foaming wash sweeps away impurities while maintaining the skins PH balance...
    Model: Clarifying Serum
    Oily/Combination/Acne - Clarifying and purifying, refreshes and restores while providing anti-bacterial effects to balance skin. Very beneficial for blemished, dry or sensitive skin types..
    Model: Clear Zone Treatment
    Oily / Combination / Acneic Skin Types Targeted clarifying treatment is purifying yet soothing. Quick-drying, dab on treatment for occasional breakouts..
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