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    Model: Beeswax Lotion Bar
    Eco-friendly beeswax lotion barWhat is it?⦁ All handmade, natural, local ingredients made into a beeswax lotion bar.⦁ Environmentally friendly, ditch the plastic!⦁ The local cocoa butter in the bar gives it a little scent of chocolate, to soothe the senses.⦁ Sustainable alternative!How to use:Pick u..
    Model: Essential Oil Kit
    HEALTH KIT EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - This is a set of all of the roll ons in one! Five (5) 10ml essential oils has been carefully selected as the perfect oils set. It also comes in a reusable drawstring bag with a rainbow on it, can it get any more fun?It includes one of each: Calm, Happy, Migraine, Di..
    Model: Essential Oil Roll On
    Available in:Dizzy roll onHappy roll onCalm roll onUplift roll onMigraine roll onVolume: 10 MillilitresDescription..
    Model: Migraine Salve
    Back story: In August of 2018 I had a simple infection that became very serious as the weeks went by. I was dizzy for almost 6 months after this and it took a lot time until I could see straight again. I now suffer with something called Vestibular Migraines and Vestibular Dysfunction. These episodes..
    Model: Pure Beeswax Wax Tarts
    Beeswax wax melts (6 pack) with a mild lavender scent.Light Doterra lavender scent used in making.Beeswax when burned produces negative ions when burned, Those ions help to neutralize pollutants in the air which helps for those who have scent sensitivity like I do. Due to their air cleansing propert..
    Model: Relaxing Lavender Mist
    This spray is designed to be used on your bedding and PJs to help unwind and relax before bed!Lavender oil is probably best known for its calming or sleep inducing effects. Research has now shown that lavender essential oil can significantly improve sleep quality. Lavender is most commonly used in a..
    Vendor: Thatcher Farms Model: Rubber Duck
    Small rubber duck (approximately 2″ high) with Thatcher Farms logo...
    Model: Serenity Salve
    All handmade, natural, local ingredients beeswax salve made from scratch! It is a beautiful combination of lavender, jojoba oil, coconut oil and raw organic beeswax I created to manage my stress and anxiety.I love to apply this cream when I feel any sort of stress or tension in my body.Use as needed..
    Vendor: Thatcher Farms Model: Thatcher Farms Soap
    Thatcher Farms Soap..
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