A Culinary Tradition Thriving for Over Three Decades

In the heart of Elmira, a culinary institution stands as a testament

to tradition, dedication, and the art of homemade goodness.

Kitchen Kuttings, a beloved Mennonite-owned store specializing

in locally-sourced homemade food products, celebrates over 35

years of success in serving its community.

What began as a modest venture in 1988, with Lydia, Nancy, and

Elmeda showcasing their homemade Summer Sausage at the St.

Jacob's Farmer's Market, has flourished into a thriving business

cherished by locals and sought after by connoisseurs across Canada.

Their commitment to preserving tradition and honoring their culinary

 heritage has been the cornerstone of their success

From their humble beginnings, Kitchen Kuttings has grown into a

bustling establishment, offering a wide array of homemade delights,

including handcrafted cheeses, delectable preserves, and their

signature Summer Sausage, which remains their top-selling product,

shipping across the country daily

The journey of Kitchen Kuttings is not just about products but about

fostering community and connection. With warm smiles greeting

customers at every turn, the store has become a gathering place

where friendships are forged over shared love for quality food

and genuine hospitality.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Kitchen Kuttings' ethos. Every

product on their shelves is a labor of love, meticulously crafted

using time-honored techniques and the finest locally-sourced

ingredients. The dedication to quality has earned them a loyal

following and a reputation for excellence.

As Kitchen Kuttings marks its 35th anniversary, the celebration

is not just about past achievements but also about looking ahead

to a future filled with promise and growth. With the recent

addition of Shirley as a partner and the expansion of their café,

the store is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

Whether you're a long-time patron or a first-time visitor, Kitchen

Kuttings invites you to join them on their journey of tradition,

passion, and community. Step inside their doors, savor the flavors

 of their heritage, and become a part of the Kitchen Kuttings family.

For over three decades, Kitchen Kuttings has been more than just a

store – it's been a beacon of culinary excellence, a testament to the

enduring power of tradition, and a cherished cornerstone of the