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    Our farm has been in our family for more than 5 generations! The original homestead was first purchased by Charlie Israel and has been in our family ever since. Today, all aspects of the farm are owned and operated by three generations of Israel’s; Carl and Carolyn, Jamie and Anna, Brett and Riley, and Luke. Our Home - Our Farm!



    As farmers, we have a duty to leave the environment in better shape for the next generation


    As Farmers, we have an obligation to be good stewards. The success of our family farm is that we always want to leave it in better shape for the next generation. Organic agriculture improves the sustainability of our system. By reducing our synthetic off farm inputs, we are able to work with nature as opposed to asserting dominion over it. As a result, we are able to produce highly nutritious feed for our pigs which in turn creates exceptional quality pork for your family. In saying this, organic agriculture isn’t easy and its not for everyone. Supporting organic producers ensures that family farms, like ours, are able to provide high quality sustainable food for generations to come.




    As part of our Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, all our land is Certified Organic.


    As part of our Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, all of our land is Certified Organic. We have eliminated the use of all GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers not because it is easy, but because we believe it is the right thing to do. Instead of relying on chemicals, we use tools like cover crops, crop rotation and our own organic hog manure to improve the health of our soil ecology. We depend on the diversity of our crop rotation to provide high yielding and nutritious grains which make excellent feed for our pigs. Feed the soil, feed the crop, feed the pigs.



    Newly published products

    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Ground Pork (1lb)
    3Gen Organics ground pork is perfect for a variety of family favourite recipes. From cabbage rolls to meatballs to homemade burgers, our ground pork is delicious and versatile! Coming in 1lb packages, it will be sure to impress...
    Pork Schnitzel (5lb Box)
    -13 %
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Pork Schnitzel (5lb Box)
    A real treat! Our popular pork schnitzel is juicy and full of flavour. It has been carefully tenderized and delicately breaded for a crisp coating. Available in 5lb bulk boxes, our Pork Schnitzel will be your new family favourite!..
    $40.00 $35.00
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Bone In Smoked Chops (1lb)
    The ultimate addition to any grilling session, our Bone-in Smoked Chops rival any premium steak in terms of flavour. Sweetly pickled and naturally smoked, these chops are tender and juicy. Two chops come per package...
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Butterfly Boneless Pork Chops (1lb)
    A summer staple, our butterfly chops are out of this world. You can taste the difference that our humane practices make in the tenderness and juiciness of the pork. In saying that, they are lean and have more protein per gram of fat than white meat chicken breast. Two chops come per package and weig..
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Breakfast Sausages (12 Pack)
    While everyone knows that bacon is the king of breakfast, our breakfast sausage links give it a run for its money. Like all of our other sausage recipes, our breakfast links are made with zero fillers and are gluten free. They come in packages of 12 links and are the perfect addition to your family&..
    Vendor: 3Gen Organics Model: Side Bacon (1lb)
    It has been called “the candy of meat”, our bacon will leave you wanting more! Smoked over real hardwoods and cut thick, 3Gen Organics Side Bacon is simply the best. Coming in approx. 1lb packages, try stopping at just one slice…..

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