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    Eby Manor
    The Eby Manor Farm

    Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk and cream is produced on our local family farm by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows. Just north of Waterloo, our Waterloo Country farm is also home to many calves and young heifers who have been born on our farm. Each one has a name and is unique in her golden-fawn and white markings, as well as in her personality. Some enjoy being entertained by the cats and kittens or being companions with Higgins the dog. Others want the attention of whoever happens to walk by and like to be patted or hugged. Some even prefer not to interact with anyone.

    The youngest of the herd are nestled warmly in the nursery, which helps them get off to a strong healthy start. The cows are groomed frequently and fed four times each day, and a special bedtime trip is made to the barn each night to make sure they have enough feed in front of them should they awake and crave a midnight snack. All are given a fresh bed of straw daily and receive veterinarian care from trained professionals who are familiar with the herd.

    The milk from each producing cow is tested by a certified milk tester monthly to monitor and record her milk production as well as butterfat and protein content. At regular intervals, the farm also asks a certified classifier to rate each cow against national breed standards in the categories of strength, mammary system and overall body conformation which are key indicators of a cow’s longevity.

    Eby Manor Guernseys enjoy a clean and comfortable home. The responsibility and knowledge to ensure these gentle animals and the farmland that feeds them are well cared for has been passed along three generations.

    Our family would love to have you visit us on our farm, where you can find our Eby’s Dairy Market.

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