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    Healthy Owl Bakery Café

    Healthy Owl Bakery Café


    Feel Good About What You Eat


    The idea for a Bakery/Cafe that offered easy-to-access, affordable and healthy food had been in the back of Lora-Lee’s mind for quite some time and in July 2013 she opened The Healthy Owl in North Waterloo.


    At The Healthy Owl we offer delicious, healthy, good-for-you food using real wholesome ingredients - and we make it right here in our kitchen!


    Our first priority is that everything must taste great - it must be healthy, but if it doesn’t taste great, it doesn’t make the menu! New items are tested by staff first, tweaked if necessary and then tested by a few regular customers who have offered to provide feedback. Only after an item has received glowing reviews by all parties is it added to the menu. ‘O.K.’ just doesn’t make the grade!


    Preparing everything from scratch on site means that Lora-Lee and her staff can readily answer customers’ questions about ingredients; for example items they are seeking to avoid or would like to add to their diets.


    Ultimately, it means that customers can feel good about what they eat by enjoying worry-free great tasting breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and treats that are also deliciously healthy.

    Recently Published Products

    Vegan. Made with fresh broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots, dried cranberries, walnuts, red onion & parsley and mixed with our lemon juice/orange juice/cinnamon & mint dressing..
    Gluten free, Vegan. Made with red kidney beans, chick peas, green & yellow beans, celery, green pepper & onion in our tangy vinagerette...
    Made wth whole wheat flour mixture, range juice, orange zest, fresh cranberriesBaked to order for maximum freshness...
    Selection of tasty guilt-free squares, bars and cookies.Small (24 pieces, serves 6-8) 23.25Large (46 pieces, serves 10-12) 42.95Baked to order for maximum freshness. ..
    Whole wheat pitas, fresh vegetables and 2 dips.(Avocado Cilantro, Mexican Black Bean)Small (Serves 6-8)Large (Serves 10-12)..

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