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    Majestic Water Buffalo

    Majestic Water Buffalo

    Majestic Water Buffalo is a small family farm located in the Town of Erin, Ontario.  They began raising Water Buffalo in 2015 alongside their Angus cattle.  "Everyday is a learning experience" when it comes to the Water Buffalo.  Having raised beef cattle and wanting to expand into something unique is what led Karen Mansfield and Andy Fraser, owners of Majestic Water Buffalo, to look into raising Water Buffalo.  Not related to Bison and originating in Asia, Water Buffalo are known for their milk and meat.  Not a strong or 'gamey' meat, Water Buffalo meat is low in fat, calories and cholesterol, but high in protein and iron.  It is easier to digest than some other red meats and has a very mild, slightly sweet flavor that can be substituted for beef in any recipe.  Hormones are never added to the meat and the meat (like all meats in Canada) is antibiotic free.  The animals are naturally raised with feed grown on the farm or locally sources.  Animal Welfare and Sustainable food production is important at Majestic Water Buffalo.



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    100% water buffalo meatMade with Maple Syrup350g size..
    Frozen when fresh. 2-3+ pieces per bag. $5/bag. Priced per bag. ..
    Smoked on the farm when the bones are fresh. Priced per piece...
    Perfect for the smoker or slow cooker. Vacuum packed. Average size 1.75-2.50 lbs.$10.50/LB...
    100% lean Water Buffalo. Low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Quick and easy to prepare (water buffalo cooks about 1/3 faster than beef). Priced per pound.  ..
    100% lean Water Buffalo. Lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than ground beef. Can be substituted for beef in any recipe. Priced per pound...

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